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Tech Users Group New Venue

CHANGE OF VENUE FOR OUR TECH USERS’S GROUP! JANUARY THURSDAY 18 AT 7PM WE WILL MEET AT Penny Washbourn’s, 501 Lagunaria Lane ALAMEDA 94602. HER PHONE IS 510-748-7455. Bring smart phones, laps tops or tablets and Kendall Harcourt our new facilitator will provide invaluable coaching!

AAUW Alameda Human Trafficking program selected for “Wall of Fame” Award

AAUW Alameda has been selected for statewide recognition. The award certificate reads: “Your branch’s mission-based program has been chosen for the AAUW CA Wall of Fame.

AAUW Alameda Certificate 2016

Chaired by Penny Washbourn and the Branch Outreach Committee in partnership with Alameda League of Women Voters and College of Alameda, the program “Human Trafficking” was a highly collaborative and successful effort.

See the previous article and photos about the March 16 program, Human Trafficking Seminar. On April 27, a follow-up program featured the film, It Happened Here at COA to highlight the problem of sexual assault occurring on American college campuses.