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Education Fund Lecture February 12, 11:00 via Zoom

Faheema Eissar

The Branch Board has decided, given the current status of COVID, to switch this meeting to a Zoom-only format.  We are pleased to announce that a recipient of an AAUW 2021 International Fellowship, Faheema Eissar, will be our speaker.  Faheema was born and raised in Afghanistan but attended college in the United States.  She returned to Afghanistan to work for seven years, returning to the U.S. for graduate school shortly before the U.S. left in August 2021.  With her AAUW fellowship, Faheema Eissar will pursue a Master of Science in International Development Economics, with a focus on Development Policies and Data Analytics at the University of San Francisco.  She would like to pursue research in utilizing the private sector and the role of women in leading underdeveloped countries toward development.  This interest comes from the extensive work experience she has had with the private sector in Afghanistan over the past seven years.  She had intended to return to Afghanistan upon receiving her degree but those plans are now on hold indefinitely.  We are sure you will find Faheema’s story compelling, given that she is now separated from her family, all of whom are unable to leave Afghanistan under the new regime.  It is not often we are privileged to hear from someone whose life is so directly affected by the news we read in the paper or see on TV.

Each year, the membership has contributed generously to support AAUW’s education and training mission.  To do so again this year, please make out your checks to “AAUW” with “Fund 4450” in the memo line.  Mail your checks to:

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