About Us : AAUW-Alameda Branch Leadership

AAUW-Alameda Board 2018-2019

Leadership Team: Karen Scanlon Chair, Penny Washbourn Programs, Kendall Harcourt Membership, Susan Myers Finance, Mary Oppedahl Secretary, Dorothy Kerwin Parliamentarian

President Elect: Open

VP Membership: Cindy Silva and Susan Myers 

VP Program: Penny Washbourn

VP AAUW Funds: Karen Scanlon and Jennifer Williams

VP Legal Advocacy Fund: Pat McClaren

Secretary: Mary Oppedahl

Finance: Lisa Fitts, Jennifer Ayres, and Susan Myers

Historian: Open

Hospitality: Claudia Lewey, Lois Pryor, and Sue Fialer

Newsletter: Mark Hamilton

Parliamentarian: Dorothy Kerwin

Public Policy: Mary Oppedahl

Publicity: Elizabeth McGaffey

Sunshine: Cindy Silva

STEM/Tech Trek Coordinator: Barbara Krummel

University/College Relations: Penny Washbourn, Dorie Behrstock

Website Coordinator: JoAnn Ainsworth

Bylaws: Open

AAUW-Alameda Branch Committees 2018-19

Budget Committee:  Penny Washbourn, Chair, Barbara Krummel, Cindy Silva.

Communications Committee:  JoAnn Ainsworth, Mark Hamilton, Elizabeth McGaffey, Donna Vaughn, Kevis Brownson

Fundraising Committee: Barbara Krummel, Chair, Karen Guthrie, Marilyn Sharron, Mary Oppedahl, Penny Washbourn (ex officio)

Membership and Outreach Committee: Dorie Behrstock, Honora Murphy, Barbara Krummel, Beth Sibley, Penny Washbourn (ex officio)

Tech Trek Committee:  Barbara Krummel, Chair, Adele Aced,  Judy Ireland, Linda Preminger, Rose Ann White, Penny Washbourn (ex officio)